Soaring B-52

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Any AvGeek worth their stuff knows the fast facts of the B-52. Arguably one of the most impressive heavy bombers in the Cold War, this jet-powered bomber is an American classic with lots of fanatics.

A symbol of strength and perseverance, it remains a well-loved choice for Aviation collectors and lovers. Now you can enjoy it in the form of this stylish Soaring B-52 coffee mug with its smoke trails and impressive body soring high up in the sky and the With a gentle gradient effect in its backdrop, it’s sophisticated, impressive, and authentic.

We don’t blame you if you just wish to sit and stare at it all day. It’s a pretty magnificent aircraft.

  • White ceramic with coloured interior and handle.  Can be matched to go with any interior or coffee set
  • C-handle, makes it easy to grip and comfortable to hold.
  • Great holiday or birthday gift for your family and friends.
  • This 11oz mug, is just the right size for keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

    With its versatility, this mug can be used to get you through your day, be it at home, the office, your workplace, or any time you just need to have a break. The mug is strong enough for everyday use, yet lightweight for easy handling. Your Soaring B-52 mug is ideal for serving hot coffee, tea, or if you really want to indulge yourself, a glorious mug of hot coco.  What if you want something cold, like an iced tea or an iced coffee?  well, you can have that too.

    The Coffee Mug is made of high-quality ceramic earthenware, making it perfect for any cold or hot drinks. Beautifully crafted, this coffee mug is made to a high standard making it crack resistant and less likely to fade no matter if you are drinking hot coffee or iced tea.  With its sturdy design and ergonomic C-handle, it is both durable and comfortable to hold.  The mug is also Microwave and Dishwasher safe, making this fashionable coffee cup the ideal gift for fathers day, mothers day, birthdays, graduation, as a parting gift, for Christmas or just for the fun of it.


  • Type: Mug 
  • Capacity: 11oz
  • Colour: Navy, Black, Red.